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Food Shopping List for Hostelling Trips

Shopping List for Hostel Trips

The following is my "standard" shopping list and guide to quantities. Please feel free to vary it if you're sick of sausage & beans!

Breakfast: Cereal followed by sausages & beans

  Cereal        Variety of Cornflakes, Weetabix, Muesli etc.   

                1 BIG packet per 15 breakfasts                 

  Sausages      2 per breakfast                                

  Baked beans   1 big can (840g) per 6 breakfasts              

                or 1 standard size (450g) per 3 breakfasts     

  Milk          1/3 pint per person per day                    

                (More may be needed for heavy tea-drinking     
                sessions it's useful to have some UHT or       
                dried milk)                                    

Lunch: sandwiches (1 cheese, 1 ham), chocolate biscuit, piece of fruit

  Bread         1 large medium-sliced loaf per 4 lunches       

                (this allows 4 slices per lunch plus some      
                spare for breakfast - more may be needed if    
                there's a toaster)                             

                (most people prefer brown bread)               

  Cheese        1 kg per 30 lunches

  Ham           1 slice each (wafer thin)                      

  Marge         500g per 20 lunches                            

  Choc bics     1 each  (Penguin Kit-kat etc or cheap          

  Fruit         1 each (Apples & bananas usually more popular  
                then oranges)                                  

  Pickle, lettuce, tomatoes etc to make sandwiches tolerable. 

Sandwich bags

Extras (these are usually in the food box)

    Tea bags - allow at least 2 per person per day - running out oftea is a
      fate worse than death!
    Salt, Sugar, Cooking oil, herbs etc.

If not going to a hostel, check whether we need:

      Toilet paper, Washing-up liquid, scouring pads, tea towels

Evening meals

Simple meals that can be cooked in a couple of big pots are usually most successful. Remember that most hostels don't have ovens.

Some rough guides to quantities:

  Mince      4 to 6 oz per person                      
  Spagetti   At least 100g per person                                         

  Rice       100g per person                           

  Potatoes   1/2 lb per person, or 3/4 lb if mashing   

  Custard    Best to use "instant just add water"      
             packets 1 packet makes 3/4 pint which     
             will do 3 people                          

Please contact me if you have any additions, corrections, or interesting recipes for this list!

Please send any comments on these pages to Dave Plummer