Chelmsford YHA Group

Chelmsford YHA Group

Message from the Committee

Coronavirus Response

Updated COVID Policy for Trips

We are no longer insisting that lateral flow tests are taken before a trip, but please continue to be vigilant and stay at home if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

We continue to encourage members to be fully vaccinated in line with NHS guidance.

(agreed at committee meeting on 13th September 2023)

COVID Policy for Trips

For our trips to hostels and bunkhouses with shared facilities, we want to do everything we can to keep each other safe. We expect everyone coming on our trips and sharing accommodation to take a lateral flow test and have a negative result before travelling. We also expect anyone with COVID-19 symptoms to stay at home. Please don't book on future trips unless you're prepared to do this.

Note: Free lateral flow tests are no longer available, but they can be purchased from pharmacies.

We also encourage members to be fully vaccinated in line with NHS guidance.

(agreed at committee meeting on 10th August 2022)

Advice for Trips using Shared Accommodation

The following advice, derived from our risk assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic, should be considered when organising or attending a trip that uses shared accommodation (hostels, bunkhouses etc.)

  • Limit numbers to avoid overcrowding accommodation.
  • Attendance record is to be retained.
  • Eat in separate sittings if space is tight.
  • Use outside seating areas if weather permits.
  • Increase ventilation by leaving windows and doors open whenever possible.
  • Dorm beds to be allocated to maximize separation of households.
  • Members asked to carry face coverings for situations where distancing is not possible.
  • Recommend members of the group sharing accommodation to be fully vaccinated.
  • A negative Lateral Flow Test result immediately before attending is required.
  • For longer trips, members are asked to bring test kits for testing during the trip.
  • Ensure all group are aware of the need for frequent and thorough hand washing / sanitisation, especially on entering and leaving the building.
  • Group to provide hand sanitiser at accommodation.
  • Members are encouraged to bring and use their own hand sanitiser.
  • Members are advised to avoid touching eyes, mouth or nose, and cover mouth and nose when coughing/sneezing.
  • Where we have sole use of accommodation, bring cleaning materials and ensure regular and thorough cleaning is undertaken.
  • When group self-catering is used, access to kitchen area to be restricted to nominated cook (and assistants if required) while food is being prepared.
  • Thorough cleaning of surfaces before and after food preparation.
  • Thorough hand washing before handling food or crockery.
  • Walks planned to avoid crowded areas, so distancing can be maintained.
  • If sharing lifts, consider use of face covering and increased ventilation.
  • Check latest government advice

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