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March 2021

Wednesday 3rd March

Virtual Pub Night


All the fun of the pub without leaving your front door. Join us on Zoom from about 8:30.

Wednesday 10th March

Favourite Photo

John M

Pick a photo, any photo, and email it to Dave P before March 3rd. Be prepared to discuss on the night what it means to you and why you’ve chosen it. It doesn’t have to be a perfect shot, just sufficiently interesting to warrant a bit of chat.

One pic per person.

Wednesday 17th March

Committee meeting

Join us on Zoom. Hopefully confirming the Easter trip and possibly starting to think about new trips away in the summer. Who knows!

Sunday 21st March

Galleywood Common Walk


Postponed until 11th April.

Wednesday 24th March

Jim’s Quizzes


Three short rounds: Road Signs, Foreign but Familiar and Separated at Birth. A bit of quirky fun and the chance to get your name on the hallowed Covid Chalice (replacing the now filled Covid Cup).

Dead Vlei

Wednesday 31st March

Slide Show – Namibia 2007

Dave P

Normally this time of year we’d be chasing the winter blues away with a slide show of some fantastic summer trip to exotic lands. Sadly Covid intervened, but what better chance to revisit one of our hotter (and sandier) trips. The famous red sand deserts of Namibia, antelope and big cats, jellyfish and whales.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, Wednesday events start at 8.30pm on Zoom. Please get in touch for joining instructions.

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