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June 2020

Important Notice: Please read our message about the impact of coronavirus

Wednesday 3rd June

Would I Lie to You?

Dave J

You will need to prepare some appropriate stories, true or not, for a game where we have to work out who's lying. Dave will ask each person (who wants to take part) to talk through their 3 'secrets' and will then call upon those present to cross-examine them in turn to help decide which one is true. No reward for the best liar except a prized inscription on the Covid cup.

We will join at 8.30pm as usual with the Game starting at 9pm. Please feel free to join as an observer if you don't wish to discuss your secrets but obviously the more people prepared to do this the more fun we'll have!

Please get in touch for Zoom meeting details.

Wednesday 10th June

Canada Slides

Dave J

Spectacular scenery from a trip in 2005 with Jim, Dave, Mike and Ian. Touring from Calgary to Banff and Jasper, find out why Icefields Parkway became the Barf-way. Including elk, marmots, chipmunks and Ian's insatiable need for tea. Plus a visit to Montreal and Quebec City.

Wednesday 17th June

Committee meeting

Who knows, may be we'll be able to plan an actual walk! Otherwise planning more Zoom meetings to keep us entertained.

Wednesday 24th June

Murder Mystery Evening


Mildred was murdered while out for an afternoon stroll but who did it, with what and why?

What can you learn about the relationships between the characters?

All questions to other characters to be asked through the Zoom portal (even if you are a couple sharing). Please keep your part secret even from those in your house.

Please prepare a bold label or sign in advance (so we know your character name) and bring pen and paper to note your discoveries. You can join in, ask questions even without a part, or just be entertained from the sidelines. But we're sure to have fun!

8pm start on Zoom.


Friday 26th to Sunday 28th June

Weekend in Oxford


Visit the City of Dreaming Spires, staying at YHA Oxford. Purpose-built hostel located close to the railway station in the heart of the city.

We plan to walk a section of the Thames path, heading upstream from Oxford (the walk we were unable to do last year because of flooding).

Also a chance to explore historic colleges, museums and pubs.


Note: Unless otherwise stated, Wednesday events start at 8.30pm on Zoom. Please get in touch for meeting invitation.

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