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May 2015

To Loughrigg and Beyond

The Band, Great Langdale

Good Friday saw slightly less than great weather. It rained pretty hard overnight and was still a bit damp in the morning. Around 10ish we set off from Rydal Hall across to Rydal Water and on to Loughrigg Terrace. Although the cloud rose throughout the day, it stubbornly clung to the tops of the higher peaks. From Loughrigg Terrace we climbed up to Silver How, higher, but still below the bulk of the cloud. From here we could see views of Grasmere and Rydal Water swirling in and out of the cloud. Next it was down to the bright lights of Grasmere Village for some tea and cake before the walk back to the centre. Not too wet, nice views, and a teashop - and this was the worst weather of the trip. How lucky can we get?

As it turned out, much luckier than that. Saturday saw a party of 8 set out on the Langdale Circuit, while the rest of us headed up hill to tick off the Fairfield Horseshoe. It was a pretty decent start to the day and the weather just got better and better. Fairfield was garlanded with beautiful snowy cornices and from the top it seemed like we could see the whole of the Lake District. By the time we got back to the centre the whole of the valley was bathed in golden evening light.

Easter Sunday had a thick, misty start. Fuelled by the promise of a good forecast and a Crme Egg, we split into two groups: Cress led a team up Wansfell; and Dave led a group up the Langdale Pikes. Both groups ascended through the mist and were treated to views over the tops of the clouds. The sun was out and climbing was hard work. Come the evening and there were several red faces around the dinner table largely those whod forgotten their sunhats and suncream.

Monday saw us fracture into three groups and some were heading home. Weather-wise this was possibly the best day yet, provided you could get above the blanket of cloud. Im not sure that the Loughrigg Fell party had the views until much later, but the team ascending Bow Fell had spectacular views from 11am onwards. And they really were breathtaking. What a fabulous trip.


Toad of Rydal Hall

So why did the toad cross the road? Judging by the one we saw at Rydal Hall, he was making determined progress towards the pub. However John & Judi had seen dozens of them up by Alcock Tarn, getting busy with the season, so perhaps it was just the start of a very long walk. Or perhaps hed heard about the badger-spotting opportunities in the pub car park?

Prof R J Gumby

There was a surprise visit from Prof R J Gumby during our walk up the Langdale Pikes. There was much grumbling, but never once did he say his brain hurts. Next time, Doug, bring a sun hat.

Great Langdale

Temperature Inversion

Our trip to the Lakes was rewarded with the most excellent weather. Apart from Good Friday, the weather every other day was clear and on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday was positively summery. Clear, starry nights resulted in cold, misty mornings as the cooled air became trapped below a blanket of warmer air. This made setting out in the morning a rather cold and dull affair, but within about an hour of walking we had the pleasure of emerging above the cloud into a heavenly world of sunshine and expansive views. Mountains appeared above the clouds like islands in a fluffy sea of white candyfloss. The most magical views.

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