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The Monthly Newsletter of Chelmsford YHA Local Group

May 2014


Cat Bells above Hawse End

The following contributions were from Jim, Ali, Dave P, Judi and Trudi; edited by Carol and Andrew with some difficulty reading handwriting - apologies for any errors, plus apologies for omissions made due to space restrictions!


Saturday: A large group of us headed West from the Centre to go along the ridge to Causey Pike, Sail and Crag Hill.  We just missed being stampeded by a fell race which was just leaving. A bit of hand-over-hand scrambling at Causey Pike itself turned out to be good practice for Sharp Edge on Sunday.  We returned late via Braithwaite and the Swinside Inn.  It then turned out that George also went up Crag Hill before being retrieved by Trudi who found a fresh roadkill pheasant as compensation for her efforts.


Sharp Edge

Easter Sunday: An excellent day was had climbing Blencathra via Sharp Edge.  Some time was spent by the tarn saying "if anyone goes the easy way I’ll go with you".  But eventually we all plucked up the courage to scramble up Sharp Edge.  Were the scratches on the rocks from crampons or Alison’s fingernails?  Were the rocks polished from Cynthia’s nose?  After some wobbly moments and cries of “I’m stuck” and “I can’t do this” we all got to the top for a triumphant cheese sandwich and Creme Egg!  And we even got down in time for tea and cakes in Keswick and a cruise around Derwent Water.


Monday: To escape the crowds, we went to the back of Skiddaw negotiating narrow lanes blocked with sheep and lambs.  We ascended various grassy hills, a complete contrast

to Sharp Edge.  One of the summits distinguished itself with a single quartz stone.  Some people had cream teas and kindly took  photographs to show those who missed out! 


Special congratulations to Sarah and Robin for cooking an amazing roast beef dinner for 23 of us on Easter Sunday, despite the rather basic kitchen facilities.  The beef and horseradish sandwiches on Monday were much appreciated too!




We came, we saw, we conquered the mountains all around

And when our walks were ended, a splendid ‘caff’ we found

And then the tallest stories were told for half the night,

Of Sharp Edge on Blencathra and Cynthia’s bad fright!



I was a little pheasant walking down a lane,

When a nasty motor car put an end to life’s old game.

But my adventure was not over, when by fortune’s deal,

Along came Trudi Warner, thinking “that’ll make a meal”.

She scraped me up and stashed me in a larder fit for boots,

Skinned and washed and left to hang in a bag from ‘Booths’!

Maturing well it’s still a guess when I will get eaten,

Perhaps today, if not next week, a month at most for certain?

Off to the choir immortal, my death is not obscure,

If Trudi leaves me long enough, she’ll follow me for sure.







White Notley Walk

The day started with grey skies and drizzle, so we thought the turn-out might be a bit sparse for this walk. However it seems like the lure of the Sunday lunch was just too irresistible for the 14 of us who met up at the train station that morning. By this time the rain had dried up and there was even a glimpse of blue sky.

The route, chosen by Carol, took us out towards Cressing: a village historically known as “Cursing”, but apparently it


really does mean ‘the people of the cress beds’. Walking between Cressing and the Notleys, we took in pleasantly rolling countryside and quaint cottages, as well as some very grand estates. There were also curious ponies and a pig with extremely impressive credentials.

Maintaining pace, we made it back to the pub with split-second timing for a sumptuous roast dinner and some excellent ales. A splendid end to a perfect spring day.


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