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February 2017

The Glenbrook Die-Hards

Glenbrook is a lovely centre in the Hope Valley, between Hope and Bamford, and not too far from the little shop in Castleton called ‘Beyond Hope’, which has possibly corrected the navigation of some folk! Any way, it’s ideal for CYHA trips, and there were beds a-plenty to choose from.

On Wednesday 28th December, Lorna and Nick arrived before dark, presumably to welcome everyone - well Steve (who cooked for the six flesh-eaters, thank you, Steve) John W, Paul and George. Doug arrived late. So quite a select group. The caretaker was asked about some heating for the freezing centre, which was provided and was OK after 24 hours. The caretaker also brought boules and skittles which gave Lorna the opportunity to beat John W.

On the Thursday, the weather being good, the A Team - Nick, Paul, John and Steve made the ascent of Ringing Roger in frosty conditions, then across the Kinder plateau to Kinder Low trig point, descending by the popular route of Jacob’s Ladder and the Nag’s Head Inn. Meanwhile the B team - Lorna, Doug and George made the ascent of Ringing Roger the highlight of their day. Doug cooked what was doubtless a feast that evening.

Friday saw George visiting the Roman Fort of Navio, near Brough, then the Moorland Centre at Edale and Peak Garden Centre, where there’s not only a café but a gear shop.   The others walked the Mam Tor to Lose Hill ridge then to the Cheshire Cheese, which was probably Nick’s idea, as he hadn’t had time to call in when he did the Edale Skyline walk at the beginning of October.  They returned over the fields to Glenbrook. Colin swelled the number slightly that day, and was cooking when Judi and John arrived from North Wales - no point in arriving too early! Nice meal, thank you Colin.

Nevertheless, George must have felt underfed, as on Saturday, he took himself all the way to the Midland Railway Centre at Butterley, just - apparently - to go on a mince pie train!

The die-hards, who were well-sustained by CYHA butties, went up Win Hill, then down through the woods to the Ladybower Reservoir to follow the path along the water’s edge to the Yorkshire Bridge Inn where time was spent until it made sense to return to Glenbrook over field paths before dusk set in.  The light was beautiful. Colin left us to return to Sheffield, but Nick cooked a sumptuous meal for us, Paul, being a newby, was initiated into the CYHA with the whipping-the-cream-for-the-trifle ritual.

New Years Day was a little damp, and SOMEONE - who we will refrain from naming - ‘didn’t want to get wet’. But the die-hards set off into a little drizzle, which had dried by midday, to walk from Ashopton Viaduct north up the Ladybower Reservoir on  the east side to the fleshpots of Fairholmes (think flapjacks and hot chocolate) then back along the west side and thence to the Ladybower Inn.

And who should be cooking that evening? Nick again! Lots of prawns, while John F consumed a sort of Shepherds’ soup. And enjoyed it. Followed by a few more games of UNO, where some folk seemed quite cut-throat.

We all had to return on the 2nd January, which was unfortunate, as it was a lovely day for weather. It was a shame that only a relatively few folk came, as it was a good trip.

A big thanks to Nick for taking over the reins while Dave was gallivanting in the Far East. In addition to two meals, he also organised and cooked the breakfasts, and don’t ask me how the butties arrived - I was asleep.

With thanks to Judi & Lorna

Christmas Meal at Woodys Top

Christmas at Woodys

Due to Chignal St James village hall being in a state of incompletion, we decided to have a Christmas dinner on our December visit to Woodys Top in Lincolnshire. Whilst this was logistically challenging, many hands make light work and after a day seal-watching at the coast we were soon noshing on borscht, sauerkraut and enjoying a bumper three turkey scenario. If that wasn’t Christmassy enough, we had the chance to walk some of it off the following day in the mean streets of Lincoln Christmas market. Who am I kidding? It was more mulled wine, sausages and spicy nuts. Fabulous.

A BIG Thank you!

Thank you Dave for organising Christmas dinner when our normal plans had failed.

And an even bigger thank you to Nick for being proxy-Dave and running the whole show at Glenbrook.

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