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December 2009

Get Fired Up For Christmas

Sheen Bunkhouse

Another month of fun trips and walks as we edge that little bit closer to the end of the year.

Since the last newsletter, we’ve been up to the Peak District staying in the delightful bunkhouse at Sheen. This was a super location with beautiful walks right from the front door, plus a real ale pub just a short stroll down the road. We had a fabulous walk on the Saturday, taking in the upper Dove Valley and Pilsbury Castle before returning on the Manifold Valley. We found a nice little spot for lunch overlooking the valley, you just had to keep a eye on the predatory cows!

Pilsbury castle Hills

John and Judi supplied our evening meal with a menu that spanned the globe. We started with delicious French onion soup, then our main course was a medley of curried vegetables, finally we finished with a boozy Scottish dessert. Absolutely fabulous.

The weather on the Sunday was a little less than fabulous. The layout of the bunkhouse was rather better suited to dry weather as you had to cross an open courtyard to get between the various rooms. With a forecast for more rain throughout the day, we decided to leave the hills and head for the relative dryness of a National Trust property. As luck would have it, by the time we left the hills and headed east, we’d dropped out of the clouds and it pretty much stopped raining. So our day at Calke Abbey was blustery, but dry, and we had a great day looking round the rooms and grounds of a house stuck in the 1930s. The tea shop was pretty good too.

Our November trip was to the iconic city of Bath. Sadly this was the same weekend that saw Cumbria register the highest rainfall ever recorded in the UK. Bath wasn’t that wet, but our waterproofs did get a bit of an airing. Still, more of that next month!



Call My Bluff

A splendid evening of bluff and lies saw Dave P triumph by the narrowest of margins over Dave J, Andrew and Trudi. Definitions varied from a Norwegian reindeer skin boot to changeable Norfolk weather, Scottish communal toilets and the action of a dog barking. Whilst the devious and un-trusting ways of our erstwhile treasurer lead to his rising to the top, the open and honest aspect of our sometime social worker won her nothing more than the wooden spoon.

Nothing if not magnanimous in his victory, Dave shared his choccy winnings around. A most enjoyable evening.

Curry Night

Many thanks to all those who came to my birthday meal. It was quite a showing - and with 14 people seated I apologise to anyone I didn’t manage to talk to on the night. After poppadums, starters and a delicious array of main courses, I for one was absolutely stuffed. The nice man who ran the restaurant noticed that few of us were drinking and very kindly gave me a bottle of wine on leaving. Another celebration to look forward to!


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