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The Monthly Newsletter of Chelmsford YHA Local Group

August 2010

Time & Tide Wait for no Barbi

Cycling near Sheringham

Our trip to Sheringham was enormous fun. Sixteen of us arrived at the hostel on Friday night with the prospect of a weekend of scorching weather.

Plans varied, with ten cyclists and six walkers all discussing routes over a substantial hostel breakfast. In fact so substantial was the breakfast, there was doubt some of us be able to get on our bikes, let alone pedal!

Caroline, John & Andrew undertook a 12 mile route round trip of Sheringham and the local cliffs and commons.

Jonathan, Cynthia & Cynthia’s Dad enjoyed a day trip by foot and train to the glories of Cromer.

Coastguard lookout, Sheringham

The rest of us took to two wheels and Jim shepherded us along a 40 mile route taking in a number of charming local villages. Our first stop was for ice cream at Upper Southrepps, about 10 miles into our route. Lily was anxious that we weren’t even half way, but taking the weight off our bottoms for a while went a long way to re-enthusing us.

Having made good time, we were in danger of arriving at the tea shop too early, so we stopped at Tuttington and made use of the church yard for an impromptu picnic. Even so, I could still taste my beef sandwich when we arrived in Aylsham for tea. It didn’t stop me. The cake was delicious and helped fuel the remainder of the route.

This was my first time joining in a full day’s cycling with the group, and I must say it was very enjoyable. Hillier than expected (surely Norfolk is supposed to be flat?) it was great fun, although I found that rumours that the cycle rides were a glorified pub crawl were completely unfounded (not even one!). I assume Jim was saving us for the North Norfolk Railway Beer Festival back in Sheringham!

Barbecue on the beach, Sheringham

Saturday’s diners fell into two groups: the meat fiends that fancied a beach barbecue, and the fish fans overwhelmed by the delicious smells from the many local chippys. All of us however, ended up on the beach, either clutching greasy paper or a burger filled bun.

When we arrived on the beach the sea was way out, but it soon became apparent that it was on its way back in. With immaculate timing the last couple of burgers were handed out just as the waves started lapping at the rocks, resulting in a forced extinguishing of the portable barbis.


Get well soon Doug!

As many of you will have heard, Doug was injured when he fell down a scree slope in Snowdonia a few weeks ago.  He suffered a skull fracture and other serious head injuries.  After a spell in hospital, he’s now recovering at home.

We wish him a speedy recovery and hope he’ll be joining us on the trail soon.

Cycling Circumnavigation of Hanningfield Reservoir

Thank you Jim for organising a lovely evening cycle ride. It was a pleasant, sunny evening and the miles simply sped by – so fast in fact that we had to add an extra loop to justify the beer at the end. Even with this cycling prowess, we were hopelessly out-classed by the Old Gits (Old Gentlemen’s International Touring Society) who knocked out a 30 miler before getting back to the pub just after us.

The popularity of our cycling events this year - in Scotland as well as Sheringham and our Wednesday evening cycle rides - has encouraged us to put an extra Sunday cycle ride in the program, for 15th August in the Thaxted area, see programme.

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