Chelmsford YHA Group

Chelmsford YHA Group

Useful Information for Members

Guidelines for Activities and Hostelling Trips


These guidelines are for the purpose of the safe and smooth running of the Group and failure to comply may cause you to be unwelcome at future Group events.

On Group trips members are expected to leave word at the Group accommodation of their plans for the day, in particular their expected time of return and means of transport. When country walks are undertaken it is preferred that a route card is left.

Activity organisers are reminded of the need to assess the risks inherent in any activities they plan and to consider if all potential participants are capable of completing the proposed activity.

Members are reminded of the need to ensure they are suitably equipped for any Group activity they take part in and to consider if they are capable of safely completing that activity.

Group members are also advised to make sure they are carrying a first aid kit in case of injury and to carry a mobile phone in case of emergencies.

Look after others - see that they don't get lost, cold, hungry, thirsty, or left behind while there is something you can do about it.

Trip co-ordinators are expected to make adequate arrangements for accommodation and meals, and to co-ordinate lift-sharing or other transport arrangements. Guidelines on "How to run a Trip" are available from committee members. Group members are expected to follow the Countryside Code and Mountain Safety Advice when appropriate. Members are reminded that they are expected to do hostel chores and a fair share of meal preparation and cleaning-up. Group members are expected to co-operate with trip co-ordinators; to complete tasks allotted to them and to notify the co-ordinator if this is not possible.

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