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The Monthly Newsletter of Chelmsford YHA Local Group

January 2013

CYHA Limerick Competition 2012

Thanks to Doug for organising the limerick contest at our Christmas party, and thanks to all those who submitted entries. They fulfilled their main purpose, which was to entertain and amuse the gathering, following the gargantuan feast and preceding more vigorous activity.

1st place went to John Friend, for perfect demonstration of the art of limerick-writing, though so closely followed by Judi, that the modest prize goes to them both to share.

Equal 3rd place was shared by Jim and Andrew, for amusing contributions in good form.

Here are the winning entries:


John F:


Old Doug set the writers a test

He thought it a jolly good jest.

Some poets were keen

to keep the thing clean.

But the rudest one turned out the best. 


Now Trudi’s a good friend of ours,

and all on her plate she devours.

She eats of the best,

just like all the rest,

only later, by twenty four hours.




A daring young lady called Cress

once went for a walk in a dress.

She got lost in a fog

and fell in a bog.

So that Cress, in a dress, was a mess.


Dave rises at daybreak it’s said,                            

And with bangers and beans goes ahead,

And Cress butters bread 

To keep us all fed,

While Fergus stays firmly in bed




Doug is our oldest member
Out on walks  from Jan to December
He's been all over
From Arran to Dover
But quite where he cannot remember.




There was an old hiker called Fritz
Who lived off leftovers and bits,
He raided the bin,
and crammed it all in,
and spent the night with the ... Diarrhoea


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