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About Hostels and the YHA

What is a Youth Hostel?

You'll find Youth Hostels in cities, towns, the coast and countryside--in fact almost anywhere you choose to visit! Each Hostel has its own character and charm, for instance, you might choose to stay at a ghostly Norman castle situated on the edge of the Forest of Dean, a Victorian Carrstone house on the Norfolk Coast, or perhaps a former shepherd's bothy in the Lake District is more your style.

Your Accommodation Your stay will be in a comfortable bunk-bedded room or dormitory, sharing with people of the same sex.

Bed Linen Your overnight fee includes the use of a freshly laundered sheet sleeping bag. Either this, your own clean sheet sleeping bag, or two sheets and a pillowcase must be used for reasons of personal hygiene. Sorry - no down or synthetic filled bags are allowed except at some unheated Simple Hostels during winter months (check with the Warden first). A pillow and duvet, or blankets, are also provided.

Please Be Considerate Please only play radios and cassette players where nobody minds and not in dormitories.

Smoking in Hostels There are some 'no-smoking' Hostels. All other Hostels have areas specially set aside for smoking. In view of the many health risks linked to smoking and passive smoking, the YHA asks those who smoke to think of the comfort of others.

Helping to Clear Up To keep prices as low as possible, Wardens may ask for help with simple household tasks, like washing up and you are asked to clear up after yourself.

Youth Hostel Staff are there to make sure that you enjoy your stay. They can help with any problem that may arise and have the authority to take whatever action is required to ensure the proper running of the Hostel.

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