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Chelmsford YHA Group

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About Membership

How much does it cost?

We ask our members to pay a small subscription to cover the hire of the room at the YMCA each Wednesday evening, and other expenses involved in running the club.

The current Local Group membership subscription is £20 per year (or £10 if unwaged), but if you're new to the group we won't ask for any money for the first week or two, to give you a chance to find out what we're like!

The subs rate includes postage of the monthly newsletters to members who are unable to collect them at a meeting. Non-members will be expected to pay £2.00 for each Wednesday meeting they attend, and an additional £5.00 for each trip, unless they decide to join. Former members who have moved outside the Essex area may subscribe to the mailing list at a cost of £6.00 per year to have all newsletters sent to them. Students, unemployed and OAPs pay half the above rates (except mailing list).

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