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About Weekend Trips

What meals can I expect?

You don't need to bring your own food, except for any extra chocolate or snacks you might want to carry in your rucksack.

The organiser of the trip will find volunteers to do shopping and cooking for the group. We cook breakfast at the hostel in the morning, and make sandwiches for lunch. And in the evening someone will usually cook a meal for the group - typically a large pot of something simple but filling, such as spaghetti bolognese or curry. Everybody is expected to lend a hand with preparing food, washing up etc. Communal cooking is all part of the fun, and a chance to get to know people!

We can usually be flexible for vegetarians or special dietary needs, but please discuss in advance with the organiser, and help the cook preparing it.

Note that on evenings when we're travelling food will not be provided. You may need to buy a meal at a service station or chip shop, or bring your own supplies.

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